Quirky Facts About WordPress

In the present times, it is true to say that almost all of us are familiar with WordPress. WordPress is an absolute pal when it comes to creating an individual website or blog. In fact, it is claimed to be one of the most popular ways of doing so.

Let’s take a look at some of the mind-boggling facts about and characteristics of WordPress.

1. WordPress Is Popularly Used By As Much As 35% Of The Web

Small steps go towards creating something huge- the same can be said of WordPress. The site had kicked off as a minor management system for content. But, surprisingly enough, this very WordPress is now increasingly becoming a significant part of the web, with 35% of the web being powered by it.

Both WordPress.com and Netcraft revealed this information. The versatility of WordPress makes it an absolute gem. It provides a platform to all, starting from the smaller business blogs and personal websites to even acclaimed Fortune 500s’ blogs like Sony or Forbes.

2. WordPress Users Are Very Active And Engagement Is High

A report talks about the posts, comments and engagement on WordPress. “Users Make 70 Million New Posts and 77 Million New Comments Each Month
That’s over 2,333,333 new posts every day, 97,222 every hour, and 1,620 posts every single minute!”, the figures go.

If an average count is considered, it is safe to say that the usual word count of blogs is about 300 words. Can you do the math about what the word count potentially comes to? Nearly half a million words are being written per minute.

3. Spam Protection

Even though the rate of spam comments on WordPress soar as high as 6,208 times more than legitimate comments, 487 billion spammers still continue to come back to WordPress. Fortunately, Akismet manages to do an efficient job of keeping 99.9% of the spam and the spammers at bay.

4. The “New Domain” Game Of WordPress Is High

About every 6 months, WordPress sees the addition of almost 1.1 million new registered domains. This statistical record was published by a 2015 survey of global internet CMS usage. The user-friendly and convenient technology of WordPress ensures that all of its users have an easy establishment of websites, blogs and blogging experiences.

5. The Monthly Searches For WordPress Is Very High

WordPress, at this point, has become more of a keyword now. This is the keyword that’s being searched as often as 2,940,000 times every month. It attracts people from around the world.

6. The Most Used CMS Is That Of WordPress

W3Techs records that WordPress has an extensive market share of 61.8%.

7. Language Is No Barrier

WordPress comes with a highly amazing translation website to enhance its performance and attract more and more bloggers. In fact, the number of registered local languages is 196, with 100% translation offered for 40 of these.

8. Astonishing Fact

Would you believe it if we said that WordPress is visited more often than Twitter? Automattic presents comprehensive data stating that WordPress gets about 163 million unique visitors monthly. This is more than the monthly count of 156 million unique visitors on Twitter.

9. Miscellaneous

i. The employee count at WordPress is 501 times fewer than that of Amazon.

ii. As many as 27 fresh posts are put up on WordPress every second.

iii. 71% of the content on WordPress is predominantly in English.

iv. According to statistical information found on Payscale.com, it can be interpreted that “The Average WordPress Developer Earns $51,000”.

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