Why Landing Pages Are Important

Landing pages are pretty crucial for your digital marketing strategies. If it’s the first time you encountered this word and worried about what it means, keep scrolling.

What Are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a standalone page where a user can land from the SERP (Search Engine Landing Page). This page serves a single purpose and is quite different from the homepage.

Landing pages can be of many types – click through, leading to another page ( for example, your e-commerce site), or lead generation based.

Lead generation landing pages are primarily focused on offering free goodies like an eBook, or free trial, whenever the user agrees to submit his/her contact information. A good lead generation landing page convinces the user that it’s worth trading his contact information for the free goodie offered by the company.

A click-through landing page can be described as a middleman between the advert page and the page to which you wish to redirect your customer. The page should include a short brief about what the visitor found on the page by clicking on it and a simple CTA (Call to Action) button.

The landing pages can be accessed in many ways. It can be either via the general search (SERP) or through the company’s website. The landing page should be properly optimized with specific relevant keywords to get traffic from the Search engine route.

Difference Between Landing Page And Homepage

If you are wondering about the difference between homepage and landing page and why divert the traffic to the landing page when you can have it all at the home page, here’s the answer. When you redirect the customers to the homepage, the conversion rate would be quite low as the page isn’t optimized to drive conversions but merely to present as the face of the business.

In the case of landing pages, each page is optimized for different services and is therefore well structured to drive the conversion.

If a user reaches your homepage looking for a certain service and finds a whole lot of services you offer, they might get confused and even forget the motive. When they land on the correct landing page, their decision-making process becomes easier, and they are likely to become a paid user.

What Makes Landing Pages So Important

Landing pages can easily drive invaluable traffic when it’s appropriately SEO optimized. The landing pages divert the customers to the right service or page, thereby making the decision-making process faster. Further, it helps to build your brand and make your services more accessible to potential customers.

Even though landing pages are super beneficial, many businesses haven’t used them, thinking that it’s hard to create and maintain. But it isn’t. A good landing page would be service-oriented and have a noticeable CTA that urges the conversion. Check out an example of a landing page and how it can even be done in Spanish on Smith Mohlman LLC’s Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney page.

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