The Horrendous Traffic of Fresno

In 2020, the typical Fresno commuter sat in traffic for 65 hours. Even though numbers have dropped from pre-pandemic norms, traffic can make travel times difficult.

Though traffic in Fresno isn’t as bad as it is in Los Angeles during rush hour, the roadways can still be clogged in some locations. You’ll want to get the inside story on traffic in the city if it’s Friday afternoon and you want to visit one of California’s magnificent national parks.

We’ll explore traffic patterns in Fresno, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them, and what you can do to handle traffic like a pro.

How Severe Is The Fresno Congestion?

Fresno’s traffic isn’t as awful as you might imagine for California’s fifth-largest city. However, it still has a 21 percent congestion rate during morning rush hour and a 33 percent congestion rate in the late afternoon.

What exactly does that imply? Simply put, if your morning commute normally takes 30 minutes, it will take 36 minutes during rush hour. Even worse is the evening drive. During rush hour, a 30-minute commute on open highways takes an average of 40 minutes.

Those figures may not appear to be significant, but they build up over a year! For example, last year, if you drove during Fresno’s rush hour for all 260 workdays, you would have lost about 70 hours to traffic. Yikes!

Those figures, believe it or not, are down from the prior year. Traffic lessened during the COVID pandemic, and Fresno drivers regained 14 hours of lost time in 2020. Even yet, there’s nothing more aggravating than being late for a meeting, movie, or dinner date while wringing your hands behind the wheel.

Why Is Traffic In Fresno So Terrible?

There is no secret formula for predicting how awful traffic will be, but population size, road infrastructure, and driving patterns, all have a significant effect.

1. Size of the Population

Fresno is home to about 550,000 people, which is enough to keep the streets busy during the week. Furthermore, Fresno has a population density of nearly 5,000 people per square mile, higher than major cities like Dallas and Houston.

Unfortunately, there will be a traffic jam on Highway 41 every afternoon when you and your fellow Fresnans arrive.

2. Major Stumbling Blocks

Highway 41 isn’t Fresno’s lone source of traffic congestion. Several chokepoints and bottlenecks exist where the infrastructure isn’t up to par. You can read more about Fresnan’s point of view here, or just take our word for it: avoid these bottleneck hotspots at all costs:-

The ramp from CA-99 South
Thompson Ave
Tuolumne St
M St
N Blackstone Ave

3. Patterns of Driving

Let’s round out the holy trinity (or the unholy trinity?) of Fresno traffic factors by looking at the city’s driving behaviors. Every day, the average Fresnan commutes 45 minutes. So even if you simply use Highway 41 for a few minutes each afternoon, you’ll find it difficult to escape some traffic.

How To Get Around Fresno Like A Pro

For one essay, that’s enough doom and gloom! However, we’ve got some terrific recommendations for you if you want to avoid the agonizing irritation of Fresno traffic—and the automobile accidents, traffic citations, and higher insurance premiums that come with it.

Make an effort to avoid rush hour. We understand that this isn’t always practical, but avoiding peak rush hour times of 7-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. can save you a lot of time on the road.

Join forces with backroads. Knowing Fresno’s backroads can help you identify a shortcut that few others are aware of if traffic has built up in an unusual location (perhaps due to an accident or roadwork).

Check traffic reports or download a navigation app. Our go-to applications are Google Maps and Waze, but if you prefer something else, go for it! If apps aren’t your thing, listen to 1340 AM for traffic updates in your area.

Keep your eyes on the road. Despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself stuck in a snag. Instead of allowing road anger to get the best of you, slow down, minimize distractions, and drive safely. It’ll be worth it in the end — we guarantee it!

A Mishap In Fresno Traffic? Contact Fresno Car Accident Attorney Today!

Road congestions result in car accidents time and again. If you or a loved one gets stuck in such an unfortunate situation, connect with an attorney today, and they will assist you in managing the situation.

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