Noisy Vehicles Be Prepared for Police Crackdown in Virginia

Noise pollution has a great impact on the issue of global warming and climate change. The Virginia State authorities have decided to curb its impact by cracking down on noisy vehicles this Friday onwards. The police have declared that really loud cars will now be the focus of the authorities in Virginia.

Many people are of the view that there are often terribly loud vehicles driving down the road or parked in residential areas, sensitive zones like hospitals, schools, old age homes, and so on. An example of this is Anthony Eldon, who is a teacher. He says, “I am a teacher, and some days, I gotta teach at home, you know what I mean? And then those bad boys come through, and it’s just really loud, and even the students are like, ‘what’s going on Mr. R?’”

This new legislation was in place before as well. However, a year prior, it was pulled back, and officials lost their ability to sanction drivers, creating a lot of noise from their vehicles.

Richmond Delegate Betsy Carr told Fox 5 that the change in the law was a way to reduce the disparities and prejudices that exist in traffic enforcement. The famous George Floyd murder which started the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement across the country, sparked this legislation. Various incidents across the USA have displayed a blatant disregard for civilian rights and how the police have come to overpower innocent people even when they have committed no crime or breached the law.

Carr explained, “I just heard complaints in a number of neighborhoods, and people asked me to do something about it…When I got to the General Assembly, it turns out that a lot of other areas around the state were having the same problem”. Incidents like this brought lawmakers together to plan and bring back the law to punish and crackdown on noisy vehicles in Virginia. However, several police departments across the State have been upfront about the fact that they might impose this rule as a last resort. The first step is spreading awareness about the negative impact of noisy vehicles, especially in certain areas. “Seeking voluntary compliance” is the aim. If people create trouble even after that, a fine will be imposed.

Ashley Savage, a Public Information Officer, said, “we are really seeking to raise community awareness around the issue so that if somebody does have a vehicle with a loud exhaust, they can make the appropriate changes”. Savage added that driving a car with a loud exhaust system falls under the class four misdemeanor, for which a hefty fine of $250 can be imposed. One might require the assistance of the Charlottesville Car Accident lawyer in the case of any such breach.

Various countries worldwide have taken stringent steps to curb the levels of noise created by vehicles. The noise is often a result of a loud exhaust system, excessive honking, playing loud music inside the car, or the people in the car creating a ruckus while drunk. All of this causes discomfort and chaos to others around. While the police force is taking the necessary steps to bring things under control, the common people also need to step up and avoid creating noise. Police, however, should not use the power to sanction any vehicle making a loud noise by imposing the strictest punishment before coming to an understanding that is not as drastic.

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