WordPress Parent Automattic Engages AI Firms in Content Use Talks

Automattic, the umbrella organization for popular websites such as WordPress and Tumblr, is currently discussing the possibility of sharing content from its platforms with AI firms like MidJourney and OpenAI for the purpose of training. A recent article from 404 Media on Tuesday has brought to light that while the specifics of this arrangement remain unclear, Automattic is assuring its users that an opt-out option will be available to them.

The report from 404 Media has unveiled internal disputes at Automattic, particularly concerning the use of private content and advertising material, including a previous campaign from Apple Music, which was not meant to be part of the AI training dataset.

This internal contention has led to actions such as a product manager removing personal images from Tumblr to prevent their use in AI development, the report notes.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI in late 2022, the generation of AI has seen significant growth, relying on vast data sets to produce seemingly original content. However, this has raised concerns among major publishers about the legality and ethicality of the data sourcing for AI training.

In response, Automattic is set to implement a new feature allowing users the choice to exclude their content from AI training. This update, expected to be rolled out by Wednesday, follows a similar initiative by Squarespace last year, though it remains to be seen whether this opt-out feature will be activated by default.

Following inquiries, Automattic referred Gizmodo to a blog post that essentially confirms the report by 404 Media, framing this development as an opportunity for users to exert greater control over their content.

The blog post articulates Automattic’s commitment to an open web and the autonomy of its users, amidst the rapid advancement of AI technology. Despite the defensive tone of the statement regarding the legal obligations of web crawlers, Automattic emphasizes its adherence to industry best practices, aiming to empower users worldwide with tools to control their content’s usage on the web.

Automattic’s engagement with AI technologies offers several benefits, both to the company and its user base. Here are some key advantages:
1. Enhanced User Experience: AI can personalize user experiences on platforms like WordPress and Tumblr by analyzing user behavior and preferences. This personalization can lead to more relevant content recommendations, improved site navigation, and ultimately, a more engaging user experience.

2. Content Moderation: AI can assist in the daunting task of content moderation across vast platforms, identifying and addressing inappropriate or harmful content more efficiently than human moderators alone. This contributes to safer, more welcoming online environments.

3. Spam Detection: Automattic platforms can utilize AI to better identify and filter spam, protecting users and maintaining the integrity of discussions and content sharing.

4. Improved Accessibility: AI technologies can enhance accessibility features on WordPress and Tumblr, such as offering better text-to-speech functions for visually impaired users or optimizing site layouts for various accessibility needs.

5. Content Creation and Management Tools: For content creators, AI can offer advanced analytics, SEO suggestions, and automated content creation tools, making it easier to produce and manage high-quality content.

6. Operational Efficiency: Automattic can leverage AI for internal operations, from automating customer service responses to optimizing server operations, leading to cost savings and improved service reliability.

7. Innovative Product Offerings: By integrating AI into their platforms, Automattic can develop new and innovative products and services, staying ahead of the competition and meeting emerging user needs.

In summary, Automattic’s use of AI has the potential to significantly enhance operational efficiency, user satisfaction, and content quality, while also opening up new avenues for innovation and service improvement. This would be beneficial for anyone who uses WordPress or Tumblr, as it could help those in any industry, such as a wedding cake baker or a Honolulu car accident lawyer, to make sure that their websites are enhanced to be as effective as possible.

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