Judge Denies Release Of Kansas City-Area Proud Boy Involved In January 6th Capitol Riot

//Judge Denies Release Of Kansas City-Area Proud Boy Involved In January 6th Capitol Riot

Judge Denies Release Of Kansas City-Area Proud Boy Involved In January 6th Capitol Riot

Federal prosecutors have charged several people in various states of America with relation to their activity and participation in the January 6th riot at the US Capitol.

With continuous arrests being made daily, it has become the need of the hour to find the criminals responsible for the attack that shattered the American constitution.

Overview of The Event

According to Federal reports, three residents of Kansas City faced an array of federal charges in connection to the riots.

As per the documentation submitted to the courts, William Norman Chrestman, Louis Enrique Colon, and Christopher Charles Kuehne, members of a group called Proud Boys, forcibly entered the U.S Capitol building.

The members identified themselves by wearing orange tape marks all over their clothing.

The investigators used cell phone tracking mechanisms and social media to track the subjects near the building on January 6th.

As per the various pieces of evidence submitted, documents suggest that Chrestman used foul language with the stationed Capitol officer during their altercation.

Once the group bombarded the historical establishment, the group participated in several efforts to prevent the Capitol security from safeguarding the building.

In one of the photographs submitted to the court, you can witness Chrestman with what appears to be a wooden club he was using to prop up the barriers.

Another focal point of the investigation was when the agents received a tip that one of the suspects had posted a video of the riots and their following events through her Snapchat account.

In terms of charges, Chrestman faced allegations of civil disorder, conspiracy, assault of a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of an official meeting, and many more.

This is because he entered the building consciously without following the required code of conduct of such a historical establishment.

In addition, Kuehne and Colon faced the same charges as Chrestman. All three were taken into custody.

Background Of Suspects

William Norman Chrestman and Christopher Charles Kuehne were in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 30 years and didn’t have any criminal background.

Furthermore, Kuehne worked for the BNSF Railway from May of 2013 to July 2020. When sources confirmed with BNSF, they replied that the latter was a former employee of the organization.

Judgment Proceedings

After all three members were taken into custody, an acclaimed federal judge denied William Chrestman’s request to await his trial outside of jail. He ordered him to be shifted to Washington while waiting for his trial.

During the latest court proceedings, Chrestman’s Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer requested the judge to reconsider his decision of detaining Chrestman, as there was no background that suggested he is a flight risk.

Another argument placed by the attorney was that placing him in jail until proven guilty could undermine Chrestman’s innocence, which could harm his character in the public’s eye.

Moreover, the attorney argued that Chrestman was not receiving proper levels of medication to heal his chronic pain due to a past workplace accident and that his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, insomnia, and depressive disorder were being disregarded.

Last but not the least, Chrestman’s attorney had stated that the other two defendants, i.e., Christopher Kuehne, and Luis Colon played a relatively larger role in the riot than Chrestman.


On the whole, there lacks clarity in the statements of the judge as to whether or not Chrestman’s request is accepted.

With such a good profile, the real question lies in the facts as to what truly happened that day, and what were the factors that caused the accused to undertake such an operation in hampering the nation’s security.

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