Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress to Build Your Website

With the growth of technology came the vastness of the Internet, where people can express themselves in countless ways. Do you have a harrowing story about what happened at work? Facebook. Want to show off your travel plans? Instagram. Came across a really funny meme? Reddit. Need to build your brand? YouTube.

The beauty of putting yourself out there through powerful algorithms of ones and zeroes is that it fulfills our deep-seated need to be social. However, that’s not all the Internet is used for.

The Internet is a compelling tool for people looking to take their business online, which seems to be the need of the hour these days. Today, we’re going to be talking about one such medium –

If you’ve moved your brand online, and have an old WordPress blog that you’re conflicted about, then you should keep reading. Many people perceive WordPress as nothing more than a blogging platform, but you should know that it’s so much more. The possibilities of customizing your website through WordPress are vast.

Here’s why you should keep using WordPress.

Tools for Website Building

WordPress is best defined as a website builder. It’s a user-friendly platform that can be used by people all over the world without having any specific training in web designing. You don’t need expertise in designing if you want to create a website.

All you need is an idea and WordPress gives you the tools to execute it. From themes to plugins, it has everything you need to build a website.

With WordPress, you have the opportunity to create a fully-functional website. Whether you want to add a customized background to your website, or use plugins to add features like contact forms, you can do it with WordPress.


If you’ve been using the Internet for long enough, you might know by now what SEO is. In 2012, Google released Penguin to better optimize search results. The point was to filter out searches and give users what they wanted – websites with quality content. This acted as an excellent chance for website builders to grow as content creators.

WordPress sites rank higher than most sites because it was built with a highly compatible code. Furthermore, you can use WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your website to receive more and more visitors.

Not only does this increase the variety of things you can do with WordPress, but it also allows you to build your business online without having technical knowledge of web designing.


WordPress is a highly secured open-sourced platform designed to keep your information safe from hack attacks. The core software of WordPress is reviewed repeatedly by hundreds of developers. As a website owner, you must do everything you can to protect it from malware attacks, brute force attacks, etc. WordPress helps you do that with user-friendly tools.

On top of that, WordPress has several privacy policies in place that not only protect your data but also make sure that your website’s visitors are guarded against third-party interference.

In other words, WordPress is an outstanding website operator that gives you the freedom to be creative while preserving the integrity of your ideas. Get on WordPress today and start building your blog, online store, brand, and much more!

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