Capturing 40% of the Web: WordPress, The Leading Masters

The latest data reveals that nearly 40% of all the World Wide Web websites use the WordPress Management System. In 2020, WordPress powered nearly 35% of the websites. When counting the websites that make use of a content management system (CMS), the market share of WordPress is close to 64.1% W3Techs conducted the data and study that brought out this statistic. WordPress has a clear lead on being the most popular CMS globally, while Shopify maintains the second position with a mere 3.4% share.

WordPress was once considered a blogging platform alone, but then came the plugin site owners that changed their website into anything they wished to.

Is WordPress the best CMS out there?

It depends on the level which you are at. If you are a beginner and have limited resources in hand, Wix would be a bit more user-friendly compared to WordPress. But the lack of features in Wix would compel an intermediate user to go for WordPress’s options.

If you are a bit more expert in this field, then you would most definitely appreciate the complex customization options provided by this CMS giant. Additionally, WordPress excels in user experience, security, SEO, speed, and mobile responsiveness.

The stats provided by W3Techs show that almost every 2 minutes, more than 10 million sites that use WordPress pops up on the web. It makes the growth rate of WordPress pretty constant for the last ten years.

When it comes to blogging, still more than 92% of users make use of WordPress. Thus, they continue to be the blogging engine as always. When it comes to the news domain, WordPress occupies 87% of it.

For measuring the share, W3Techs only uses meaningful websites that are active or have been active for a certain period. Thus, avoiding inactive websites or websites that don’t work or don’t have any updating process for a long time. It means they count only the active websites visited by organic users for the study and data collection.

With its current growth rate, as showcased in the past few years, WordPress would become undefeatable in the next few years. For the past eight years or so, they have continuously been increasing their share by 1 to 4%. When considered the competitors, the increases happen to be in the range of 0.1 to 1.5% maximum in a year. Some great WordPress sites are done by Variety, The Disney Company and more local sites like Milwaukee car accident attorneys Macgillis Wiemer.

The CMS giant provides nearly 58,000 plugins and more than 8000 themes. It is more than all of its competitors combined.
Overall, WordPress continues to dominate the CMS world and is the first choice of many when it comes to websites. Their .blog domain is the most-used domain, simply because of its popularity as the best blogging CMS and the ease of setting up a blogging site with almost zero complications.

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