WordPress 5.0: Five Key Things to Expect

There has been a lot of hype regarding what WordPress 5.0 has to offer compared to what the older versions have provided. The release date is expected to be Dec 6th, 2018, if everything is running smoothly. A lot of buzz is coming from the new Gutenberg Editor which is a complete redesign and re-imagination of the WordPress editor. Be prepared to change “the default way” you’ve been creating content with WordPress. This change might be difficult for some to accept but it lookz very promising in the eyes of the designers. Let dive into some of the new features.

  1. More Intuitive Site-building Experience: With the improved site building functionality, WordPress will remain the leader against the rise of hosted website builders. The platform’s focus will provide a more intuitive site-building experience.
  2. WordPress Rest API improvements: It will be simpler than ever for developers to connect WordPress with other sites and applications. In other words, sending and pulling data from your site will become much easier with the Rest API feature-rich products.
  3. Ease of Building Custom Themes: The new Gutenburg editor allows the most beginning level developer the ability to put together a WordPress theme. Theme creation will be much more accessible.
  4. The Relevance of Page-builder Plug-ins Lose Some Importance: Because of the new Gutenburg editor, people might be dissuaded from using page-builder plugins as often as they currently have. There are many great page-builder tools to use with WordPress but most, over time, will be irrelevant to the new editor.
  5. Gutenberg Editor: Expect a change in a lot of themes and plugins you currently love. There will be added functionality or new shortcodes. There will be new themes released proclaiming there Gutenberg-first focus. Here is one named Atomic Blocks for a quick sneak peek.

From the words of the developers themselves, “we can say with complete certainty that 5.0 will fundamentally change the way most people interact with WordPress because of the Gutenberg Editor”. Change is a coming! The old editor will be available to those not quite ready to get their feet wet, but we recommend you dive in and adapt to the changes WordPress 5.0 has to offer.

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