WordPress Launches New Services

With all the good that comes with WordPress, there is definitely some problems, as with almost anything. According to ABC 8, WP AOS will be launching a program that is focused on maintenance, security, website support, and development. AOS stands for At One Spot, and was launched by a group of WordPress developers, in 2018. This new program will help in allowing WordPress owners to find ease in managing their business, while keeping their websites safe. What does all of that include, you ask?

WP AOS will be offering reports of website analytics. The reports will become available monthly, weekly, or daily, depending on the business owners choice. It will include backups, website analytics, SEO rankings, updates, performance, security, and uptime. “WordPress website maintenance keeps your website running smoothly, fixes website errors, update systems to add features and protect from unwanted hackers,” says Alexey Seryapin from EIN News Desk.

Through this program, WordPress guarantees their customers top quality, impeccability, and exclusivity. They guarantee that their team will offer customers with new solutions, incomparably flawless results, all the while being compatible, to the tee, with your specific business model. Hopefully all of the promises will be fulfilled, and WordPress will have happy customers.

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