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Christopher Rodd and the Thomasville Car Accident Lawyers, at the Rodd Firm, whose goal is to help his hurting clients recover. His new site features lots of modern updates, pops of color, and many resources to help people get the help that they need. Entrepreneur just submitted an article giving some helpful tips to help site owners boost their conversions. They start out with talking about picking the right colors, which in turn will help match the emotion that your brand is trying to convey. The lawyers at Rodd Firm are trustworthy and want to bring calm to your chaotic situations, which is why they decided to go with different kinds of blues.

The second topic they cover is the typography on the site. Artistic fonts may be used with a company that is selling things for creatives, whereas a company that is strictly professional would want to choose something a little more simplistic. Any type of font should be legible and engaging with the audience that is being targeted. Third, the negative space on a site should be intentional. Entrepreneur states that “Lots of negative space on your website is actually a good thing, allowing you to focus on the most important elements — like an eye-catching main image and call-to-action — and overall readability.” The negative space on your site may include the area between your header and content, content and contact, etc. You can add pops of color to also grab that attention from your audience.

Last but certainly not least, the article mentions utilizing the “F-pattern.” This refers to the way that a reader will mostly likely view your website. From left to right, someone scanning will catch the things at the top left more often than at the bottom right. With this information, it’s important to remember to always add your most prized information in those “pockets.” On Rodd’s site, you will see his content bold in the upper left hand side, and sometimes a pop of color will be added to make it stand out even more. Going back to what was said about the typography, something important in the upper left-hand side can also be changed to a different font, so as to make it stand out. It’s important to add special photos and videos in a place that readers will be drawn.

All in all, the Rodd Firm’s new website features everything that the Entrepreneur article mentions.

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