Honoring Kim Parsell

Some people leave a legacy behind when they are gone. We follow their legacy and do incredible things. The due credit should be given to those individuals who inspired millions of people to do unthinkable. Kim Parsell (worked for WordPress) is one of those brilliant persons who devoted their lives to a cause and inspired so many with their acts.

Kim Parsell- “Wordpress mom.”

The WordPress community knows her by #wpmom tag. She served the WordPress community until she passed away in 2015. She left behind a legacy of service to follow for all of us. She was the first woman to start working in the WordPress organization and inspired many to contribute towards the development of the WordPress community.

WordPress is open-source code, and people voluntarily worked to change the lives of others. This is what motivated Kim Parsell to provide her services to the community, and she kept on doing extraordinary work in the WordPress community. Kim Parsell’s commitments and contributions to WordPress’ cause are the most prominent and diverse. She was a significant and prominent contributor in the WordPress documentation group; she worked and made her contributions in the five successive WordPress releases.

She was acknowledged as a fantastic lady, and she was glad to have been awarded in Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word address in 2014. If you want to know about her contributions and efforts towards making WordPress a better platform, her speech at WordCamp San Francisco in 2014 should be your starting point.
She was a mind-blowing supporter of others working in WordPress; you can learn from many blog posts how she’d urge her sub-ordinates or colleagues to take a break during work and have some fun.

She was regarded as the #wpmom because of her commitment to WordPress, built association with the WordPress community through twitter. She used to attend WordPress meetups even she had to drive for hours. She gave simple and effective advice to those working on their projects. She contributed with all her efforts to help transform a team of coders into a caring, and bonded community. She had an extraordinary enthusiasm for urging older ladies to engage in WordPress.

Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship

With the help of the WordPress foundation, Kim was offered a stipend for paying the expenses of her travel to attend the WordPress community summit. She regarded this event as a turning point in her life. To honour her services and dedication to the cause of WordPress, WordPress foundation has dedicated an annual scholarship to commemorate Kim Parsell. The Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship selects a woman every year who is following Kim’s legacy and contributing to WordPress.

The scholarship offers expenses to go to WordCamp US, the highest event for the WordPress community. Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship is a fitting honour to her services. Her commitments have been a driving force for WordPress. Besides, how she supported and empowered the individuals around her has been a motivation to everyone.

-Susan Bond

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