“Hello” by Elementor

“Hello” is a new theme, introduced by Elementor, for WordPress. Since it’s launch, it has had over 10,000 active installations and there are no indications of problems so far. It is 1005 compatible and acts as a blank starter theme. Elementor has been widely approved and has a 4.8 star rating. This new theme was created to simplify the plugin process, so users have a more simplified version of their options.

As stated by WP Tavern
here are some steps in the process:
– Create a page
– Select “edit” in Elementor
– Choose a certain landing page template or build from scratch

“Hello” was actually first introduced in March of 2018. Since it’s now on WordPress, it allows users more access to bug fixes and updates. Although this new theme offers many helpful ways to run a site, there are some downfalls. Headers, footers, and widgets are all exclusive to only Elementor pro users. This limit is never stated in the description, which may give people false hope and frustrations. Another theme, by the name of Astra, has had users switch from it to “Hello” and are noticing significantly slower loading times. The next step for “Hello” is a child theme, which will include all of the positives of it, but fix all of the downfalls as well.All in all, if you are a WordPress user but not an Elementor user, “Hello” will be of almost no assistance or help to you!

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