Full-Site Editing Future

Gutenberg was created to make things simpler in the editing world. Its block editor allows for widgets, menus, and other areas of the site to be customized in an easier way. One of the leaders of the Gutenberg team, Matias Ventura, has announced his team’s new innovation for block editing. It includes using full-site editing.

This new idea would make way for block editing with sidebars, footers, headers, and any other areas of the site. They would be easily accessible for anyone editing the site that’s using Gutenburg phase 2. With each block, the editor would be able to individually save each block. Weston Ruter told WP Tavern that if “theme templates are built entirely with blocks which support direct manipulation, then it’s essentially a frontend editing paradigm.” It has already been almost one year of using the block editor, so the team at WordPress sees no better time to introduce a new and improved way. The Customizer interface, a different editing method, is presumed to become obsolete eventually, because of the success that Gutenberg has seen.

El Paso Car Accident Attorney, Joe Lopez, uses Gutenberg on his site. This site is an example that Gutenberg is a more effective way of making sure everything functions properly, and looks professional.

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