37 Bugs and 7 Performance Updates!

Well, WordPress has had a few weeks to see what the new 5.0 would do and how its performance interacts with current websites around the world. What is a little mind-boggling is the fact that they released a second updated version with this statement,

“WordPress 5.0.3 is now available! 5.0.3 is a maintenance release that includes 37 bug fixes and 7 performance updates. The focus of this release was fine-tuning the new block editor, and fixing any major bugs or regressions.”

Why release it in the first place with 37 bugs! Our team and others we collaborate with, who are also avid WordPress users, have expressed massive frustration around the new release, especially regarding the editor. Hopefully, the new updated version will relieve the mass public of the current frustrations they have. Here are some more highlights of the updated 5.0.3:

  • 15 block editor related bug fixes and improvements have been added to bundled themes. Make sure to update these for an improved block editing experience.
  • 2 block editor related internationalization (I18N) bugs have been fixed
  • Users with JavaScript disabled now see a notice when attempting to use the block editor.
  • A few PHP errors in the Customizer have been fixed.
  • Some issues uploading common file types, like CSVs, have been fixed.

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