LiveChat With WordPress!

iHWP > Welcome to iHeart WordPress!

Me > Hello!

iHWP> Want to figure out the fastest way to connect with your audience?

Me > Yes! …
Me > How can I do that?

iHWP > Why, using a LiveChat plug-in of course!
iHWP > Live Chat plug-ins is one of the best ways for you to have instantaneous communication with visitors of your WordPress page.

Suppose you’re a health provider and you want to increase the amount of turnovers from your website into appointments and visits to monetize the traffic on your site. A LiveChat feature can open a direct dialogue between you and your potential clients. You can ask questions about symptoms, answer questions regarding insurance information, all from behind a computer screen.

Having a wonderfully designed is not always enough for turning traffic into sales. In cases with people who are not comfortable with technology or websites, even the most user-friendly sites can be a chore to navigate through. Your site should be designed to draw people in and invite them to click around and take in the information you’re providing them. However some people are only going to click and briefly look at your page, the average amount of time spent on a website is just over two minutes. This means that you have to hope that your message, information, and in some cases merchandise and other services you provide will be found in the amount of time it takes to make toast before they click away from you. By opening a live chat you help your audience cut straight to getting what they want.

Additionally it is a great way to gather information from visitors on your site to help provide better service moving forward. Using this tool you can gather email addresses and names to customize response and content, you can track how long a particular customer is visiting your site, and most importantly get direct feedback and help customers troubleshoot their problems live on your site.

There are several different versions of the LiveChat plug-in that are available for WordPress that you can use, based on the operating systems, type of website, and other needs you may have. The LiveChat is also incredibly user friendly for the operator of the chat as well. You can easily juggle simultaneous conversations on a message board and see users’ questions live as they type them. This helps tremendously with your response time to questions by enabling you to anticipate their questions and prepare an answer. By answering quickly and accurately, you can effectively establish trust with your potential client and increase their return to your site and use of your chat for help.

Inputting the LiveChat is easy. Simply click on the “Plug-in” bar on your dashboard when logged into the Administrative side of your WordPress site and search the LiveChat. Click the install button above the plug-in and wait for the “activate” button to appear, click it and your own way to a direct customer experience! After you simply go to the settings and connect the LiveChat to your WordPress account and you’re free to dazzle and amaze potential clients.

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