Billie Eilish’s British Vogue Cover Breaks Instagram World Record

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Billie Eilish’s British Vogue Cover Breaks Instagram World Record

Apart from her talent, Billie Eilish is also known for her sassy comments and unique fashion choices. The first image of Billie Eilish that comes into many of her fan’s memories includes the iconic black and neon green locks paired with some super comfy casual clothing pieces. The 19-year old singer is popular for her famous songs “Ocean Eyes,” “Bad Guy” and “Therefore I Am.”

Recently, she shared a post on Instagram and that broke all the existing Instagram World Records. The post is of her gracing the cover of May’s British Vogue in fashionable catsuits and corsets.

Billie Eilish is not only making new records and conquering new feats; she is also breaking the existing ones. Within six minutes of publishing the post, it got nearly a million likes. This made her post the quickest in the world to get one million double taps.

She had already colored her hair blonde weeks back for her second album. To mask the new color, she has been wearing a wig that replicates her signature black and neon look. Even though any fans figured out that she was actually wearing a wig and a lot of different hats to mask the difference. Most of them were unaware of the suspense they were going to witness.

In March of 2021, she added another feather to her records’ crown when her post featuring her new blonde hair look smashed the records of Selena Gomez’s new look on her birthday in 2018.

The 19-year old singer often spots the signature black and neon green locks paired with some extremely comfortable baggy clothes. At times, she had changed the color of her highlights but has never been seen blonde before.

In the cover, she has stepped out of her comfort zone and was seen sporting a blonde look with body-hugging, fashionable, custom-made corsets. The drastic change from baggy to body-hugging clothing pieces have left her fans shocked and surprised as well.

The caption of the post goes: “It’s all about what makes you feel good”. Her confidence and the daredevil attitude to step out of her comfort zone made the post an instant trend among her followers. The post has also garnered thousands of comments, praising her for a bold, yet chic look.

The editorial signifying the entry of the signer into the musical era is entirely themed around the mid-1940s popular fashion choices. Shot by the renowned photographer Craig McDean, Billie Eilish adorns a variety of custom-made costumes from Gucci, Burberry, Mugler, and Alexander McQueen. All these pieces denote the fashion choices of the women of the 1940s.

The transformation is strikingly similar to that of the 2016 cover of Taylor Swift, where she went completely bleach blond for the American Vogue’s 2016 May issue. Years apart, Eilish has also joined the league and decided to trade in her baggy, casual outfit for the extremely glamorous catsuits and Provocateur lingerie.

“I feel more like a woman, somehow,” She was quoted saying in the interview. Whatever it is, the look brought out a more feminine side of Eilish, and what’s more heart warming is that she is also liking her new look.

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