Best WordPress Plugins of 2021

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Best WordPress Plugins of 2021

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms. It is used by millions of people to create their own blog, website, or portfolio. The best part of the platform is that you get access to thousands of plugins to add all your desired features to your site.

While many of the plugins are free to use, you can also opt for some paid plugins to include more advanced features on a webpage. Here are some of the top WordPress plugins that are loved by users all over the world.

Google Analytics Dashboard For WP – For Monitoring Website Statistics

Monitoring your website is essential to understand what you’re doing right SEO-wise and where you need to improve. And what can be better for this task than the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin?

You can easily track visitor behavior with the help of this powerful tool. Moreover, you can view all the website statistics in a few clicks. The plugin also helps you generate reports with actionable insights within your WordPress dashboard. And the best part- the plugin is absolutely free to use. All you need to do is to set up a Google Analytics account and you are good to go!

WP-Rocket – For Boosting Website Speed

Want to reduce the loading time for your website? Try WP-Rocket! This powerful plugin almost instantly boosts the speed of your website through page caching. The plugin is quite easy to install; you can easily configure it in a few steps even without any prior knowledge of coding.

Since this is a premium plugin, you will need to purchase the license annually. Of course, this may seem too high since there are several free caching plugins available for WordPress. But when you consider what the plugin does for your website, the price is totally worth it!

Yoast SEO – For Real-Time Optimization

Yoast SEO is the perfect plugin for ensuring that your website meets the required SEO standards. The plugin gives you access to several tools to optimize the content of the webpage for search engines as well as general readability.

And the best part is that the plugin offers both a free and a paid version. For starters, you can easily add the free plugin to your website. Later, you can move on to the more advanced premium version as and when you need it!

WooCommerce – For Creating E-commerce Websites

WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins used for developing e-commerce websites with advanced functions. This free, open-source plugin comes with an efficient set of tools to make managing your business operations easier.

It helps you manage payments by allowing access to secure payment gateways and choose the most convenient shipping options according to your needs. You can also opt for several free or paid extensions from the official WooCommerce marketplace to streamline your website operations.

Adobe Fonts – For Thousands Of High-Quality Fonts

A beautiful website is more likely to appeal to your audience, and using a creative font style is one of the simplest ways to change the look of a webpage. With the Adobe Fonts plugin, you can go beyond the standard fonts to opt for a more customized style.

Choose from thousands of different styles to make your website stand out. You need to be a Creative Cloud subscriber to be able to use these fonts. Free access to the full font library is included with the subscription.

Summing Up

WordPress enables you to access and use several advanced plugins, including the ones mentioned above. Take your time to browse the platform’s plugin directory while building your website. You’re sure to find a relevant one for every feature that you need!

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