13 Things You Need To Know About WordPress

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13 Things You Need To Know About WordPress

Ever since its launch, WordPress has been a very popular content management system for people worldwide. In fact, its versatility is the secret to its ever-growing popularity, which has posed a tough challenge to other popular content management systems.

Here are a few facts that add to its awesomeness!

1. It Is The Most Popular Content Management System In The World

Believe it or not, WordPress powers close to 40% of the internet websites at present, which is expected to rise in the following years. However, even though several content management systems compete with WordPress, none of them have reached close enough to overtake the popularity of the former!

2. A Host Of Plugins Allow You To Build A Multi-Functional Website Without The Need For Coding

You don’t need to know coding to build a website on WordPress! Yes, with the numerous plugins (both free and paid) available in the WordPress directory, you can easily add just any function you need on your website.

3. You Can Do Much More Than Blogging With WordPress

Well, it’s true that on its launch, WordPress was made only for blogging. But over the years, several features have been added to it by developers all over the world. Now, you can use WordPress to build just any type of website!

4. Some Of The Most Notable Brands Around The World Use WordPress

Yes, several well-known names trust WordPress for building their websites. These big brands include Reuters, Skype, The New Yorker, Sony Music, Facebook Newsroom, BBC America, and Microsoft!

5. You Can Benefit From Learning WordPress Skills Even If You Aren’t A Developer

WordPress skills are beneficial not only for a developer but for marketers and entrepreneurs too! Knowing how to build a website can help save you a lot of money, especially when you are just starting a new venture.

6. It’s Just As Useful For Building An Intranet Site

For a business or organization, intranets are essential for internal communication and managing workflows. WordPress allows you to effectively build your company intranet in no time with the help of relevant plugins.

7. It Is Free To Use

Being open-source, WordPress is totally free for all! And that’s not all; you can make changes to the site’s code too! With its numerous free themes and plugins, you can build a customized website from scratch without the need for purchasing any licenses.

8. Building A Members-only Website Is Extremely Easy With WordPress

The numerous free as well as paid plugins on WordPress make building a members-only site for just anyone! You can choose from a host of plugins to customize a member-only area with premium content that subscribers can only access.

9. Learning WordPress Development Makes You Eligible For Multiple Job Roles

Your job scope won’t be limited to only a website developer; you can opt for several roles such as website designing, content marketing, etc.

10. There Are Several Ways To Make Money Using WordPress

Did you know that you can actually earn a reasonable sum by selling pre-designed plugins and themes for WordPress? A premium plugin or theme can bring you a good amount of cash without directly working for an employer.

11. It’s A Great Platform For Freelancers

No matter whether you are employed or not, WordPress provides an excellent platform for freelancing. Lots of clients prefer to appoint a freelancer to work on their WordPress development projects.

12. Managing A WordPress Site Is Easy Even For Beginners

WordPress is the most widely-used content management system in the world. As a result, it comes with enough community support to solve just any problem you might face!

13. You Don’t Need A Lot Of Time To Learn WordPress

WordPress is beginner-friendly and easy to learn. In other words, you don’t need to spend years to master it – just a few months is enough for honing your skills!

So the next time you want to build a website for yourself or a client, you know the perfect place to start!

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